tUnE-yArDs – “Water Fountain”

You know what? Don’t even waste time with my words, just hit play on this video.

…urgh, no, wait, come back! I have so many things to say and no one to pay attention to me! PLEASE!

Hi. Thanks. Okay, tUnE-yArDs is a musical project by artists Merrill Garbus and Nate Brenner whom gained praise and attention over the past few years for their experimental sounds and Garbus’s DIY approach to creating music, incorporating various instruments such as ukuleles and harpsichords with drum machines and much more. I first caught onto the group via their contributions to the Bay Area rap group Latyrx‘s long-awaited The Second Album from last year, with two tracks produced by the group. TY’s contributions to that record definitely caught my ears with its manic departures in sound and feel, and after doing some investigating I stumbled onto their acclaimed 2014 effort, Nikki Nack.

Wow. Garbus’s influences and creativity is all over the map, and Nikki Nack reflects it perfectly, with moments that are primal, rambunctious, and odd, but also sophisticated, endearing, and very composed. I’m still digesting much of the album (not literally), but already one of my favorite moments so far is this track.

I’m not even going to begin to figure out what “Water Fountain” is about. Relationships and unrequited love like being without water? Actual struggle for water? I’d really put more thought into it, but I’m too busy dancing my ass off. This one is a doozy! Loud, wild, and eccentric, this one flies completely off the handle and its so damn great. The booming drums, the energetic, darting vocals of Garbus, the chorus of voices and echoes and the party atmosphere? There is too much to like about this one. And the ridiculous video just makes it even better. So good.