Uptown XO – “All I Wanna Do (International Party Anthem)”

Happy Forever Alone Valentine’s Day!

I hope you got something nice planned for your girl, guy, cat, whatever. Don’t even start with that, “But Valentine’s Day is a mass-produced holiday thought up by corporations, I show my girl/guy/cat love everyday!”

Come on. You haven’t done shit all year. So, take today and do things properly, then things will be smooth sailing until their birthday or some other gift-giving holiday comes along. Dinner, wine, rose petals, whatever, do what you gotta.

But I know that for some of you out there the whole process seems like…well, kind of a chore. And D.C. rapper Uptown XO agrees.

1/3 of the collaboration known as the Diamond District (with super-producer Oddisee and masterful rhymer yU), as well as a formidable rapper in his own right, XO reps hard for the DMV, and his latest release, Monumental II, is a mixtape I’ve been putting some serious plays on. XO strikes a nice balance between having fun and holding your own on the rough streets of the District, and the production is a smooth blend of ’90s boom bap with a distinct District feel. I’ve said it many times before, but I’m saying it again, there’s a lot of quality hip-hop coming out of Washington these days, so take note.

Now, with it being VD day and all, I felt that this particular listen was appropriate, as XO makes it pretty damn clear (especially with that hook!) that he’s out for one pretty specific thing. If you’re in the same boat trying to rock a boat (…yeah), consider this your rallying cry. The sounds, hooked up by producer Ab The Pro, are fantastic, with some lovely cymbal crashes to boot, making for a fun, funky, and pretty seductive listen. While some XO fans balk at the subject matter, favoring his harder-edged street songs, I like this one, and it’s become a constant play for me. Check it out, and oh yeah…make sure you use protection, eh?


  1. Deb
    February 14, 2012

    You tell ’em Jeff! All of our holidays are rooted in spirit and tradition that predate the commercialism, but who doesn’t like getting a present that says someone’s thinking of you? It’s not about money, it’s about love.

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