Willie Green (feat. PremRock) – “Fasho! Fasho!”

Okay, now here’s another fun listen!

I originally came across producer Willie Green‘s work on the underground rapper billy woods‘ awesome 2012 effort, History Will Absolve Me, a dark, twisted, sickly hilarious thrill ride by a terror-mad visionary, and one album I wholeheartedly recommend checking out. Green provided some of my favorite beats on that record, and delving into his work, I came across his 2013 album, We Live In The Future, and liked what I heardGreen is adept at snappy and downright danceable tracks, and on Future he definitely puts in some work.

For me, this particular listen is an all-out gem, one which has dominated my headphones for a good minute. Featuring frequent collaborator PremRock on the vocals as a horndog trying, and failing, to holla at a chick, Green’s tune is absolutely infectious. The track is fun, lighthearted, and gets you moving, with the claps, the guitar lick and the keys, a complete 180 from the dour sounds of billy woods’ work. One totally addictive listen, fasho. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to two-step around my living room to this.