14KT – “The Power of Same” (feat. Muhsinah, James Poyser, & Stro Elliot)

Hello again. Before we get into tonight’s song, I wanted to mention that tomorrow (Juneteenth), Bandcamp, one of the best places to buy music and support artists, will be sending their share of sales to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and many labels and artists on the site will be donating to Black causes and racial justice issues. Any time is a good time to support Black art, so definitely buy something tomorrow if you can. Here’s more info about the event, and here’s an awesome Google Doc of over two thousand Black artists and labels on Bandcamp. Or simply just peruse my site and look up the artist over there.

I can’t lie, the last few weeks have been a lot, especially as a person of color. A lot of grief, anger, sadness, fear, but also a lot of reassurance, support, and catharsis. For everyone who’s been going through it lately, please take care of yourself, and find some moments of downtime. I’ve definitely been taking some more time to dive into music lately, and one album which has resonated with me is For My Sanity (such a fitting title), the latest record of Michigan producer 14KT.

KT’s an artist who’s been in it for a minute, dropping solid instrumental albums over the past decade. In a past life I remember coming across his work while cutting my teeth as a writer for a now-defunct hip-hop blog at the start of the last decade, and while I tended to dip in and out with his work over the past few years, stumbling across this latest record I’m floored. He has my full and undivided attention. KT’s talents and chops have grown over the years, blossoming into music that’s mature, explorative, and assured.

For My Sanity definitely feels like a balm, a record you can put on at night, vibe to it, and escape the weight of the world for a minute, with good beats and strong guest performances. One of the record’s most inviting moments is “The Power of Same,” a terrific jam featuring singer Musinah (she’s so dope!) and famed producers / multi instrumentalists James Poyer and Stro Elliot (both of The Roots) absolutely going in. Take five minutes, close your eyes, and relax with this one. It’ll do you a world of good.

Oh yeah, 14KT’s Bandcamp is right here, Muhsinah’s as well, and Stro Elliot‘s. Check them out.

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