Anderson Paak – “Come Down”

What have I been listening to lately? I’ve been having a lot of fun with Malibu!

No, not the liquor.

Well, not this time.

Nah, I’m talking the latest record from the Los Angeles singer, Anderson Paak, who’s been around a little while but blew the bloody doors off in 2015, landing some high-profile collaborations, particularly on the long, long, long-awaited comeback record of a certain musically-inclined, gangsta rap-delivering Doctor who made ridiculous bank off of some overrated headphones and is now set for three lives.

Anyhow, Paak’s style of R&B is always snappy, soulful, and eclectic. Across the album’s 16 tracks he goes in like this is his only shot to shine, with a lot of attitude and determined grooves. His ideas and moods are scattershot but never boring. I’m reminded a bit of Kendrick’s To Pimp A Butterfly in the frenetic style changes and the gelling of ideas and approaches…somewhat (also, I’ll write about TPAB when everyone else is done). It’s most definitely a record with substance. It’s fun, engaging, and rather thoughtful.

There are some highlights here, and “Come Down” is a favorite of mine for it’s defiant and funky feel. It’s a head-nodder from a record full of ’em. Take a listen.