Arts the Beatdoctor – “All We Are”

“You never know what you need until you find it…”

For me, the mood for the last few days has been one of pensiveness. I’ve been pondering some big questions about I can’t answer. You know, typical late 20s, “I’m getting old, what am I doing with my life”-type shit.

Anyhow, I find that I’ve been more on a downtempo trip lately, seeking chill listens for late nights, just the type of music that composer Arts the Beatdoctor excels at. From the Netherlands, Arts initially gained attention for his productions with underground hip-hop artists like MF Grimm and Pete Philly, and got on my radar with his superb 2007 effort, Transitions, a treasure trove of collaborations with Dutch rappers and smooth instrumentals. It’s definitely an underrated classic, and a record I keep returning to. In 2013 he released Lost Track of Time, a compilation of unreleased productions dating back to 2002, as a gift to fans and something of a swan song for his older styles and sounds as he seeks to branch out in his music. The compilation is definitely a worthy endeavor, and this particular listen stays with you. “All We Are” is a terrific late night burn which sets a certain mood, putting your mind at ease and letting you relax and ruminate. The bass is probing, the strings and keys are fleet and the vocal quotes tug at the soul. This is one listen that flows like water and is so seductive that it should come with a single rule: Play this only at night.

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