Barrel Brothers – “Memorabilia”

2014 was a great year for rap duos with something to prove, and the Barrel Brothers, the duo of Skyzoo and Torae, are no exception. Hailing from Brooklyn, the brothers have been in the game for a minute now, with both emcees claiming stellar track records when it comes to strong rhyming and quality music, commanding and gaining respect and praise in the underground hip-hop scene. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably come across their music at some point or another. Their debut collaborative effort from last summer, Barrel Brothers, was a bit slept on, which is unfortunate because the album definitely had its moments. Real rap, no bullshit.

“Memorabilia” is one of those listens. This track is a treasure to me, it warms my cynical and jaded heart and brightens my day in just how Skyzoo and Torae absolutely rip shit. To them, rhyming is competition, it’s a game, and their only concerns are to be the MVPs of this shit. Sonically, the listen appropriately rumbles, a real champion sound with the pounding drums, raw guitar loop, and those damn fine horns. From the moment it kicks off you feel like you can take on the entire world.

As Torae says in the end: “I came in this motherfucker to leave legendary.” Listening to this one, you damn well know it.

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