Barrie – “Clovers”

Man, Barrie‘s got the real summertime joints!

I’m swayed by the easygoing mood that Brooklyn band Barrie’s debut, Happy to Be Here, has in spades. Headed up by Barrie Lindsay and featuring members Dominic Apa, Spurge Carter, Sabine Holler and Noah Prebish, the band stakes its claim on feel-good bops that are large, gracious, and bright. These are sounds that are perfect for kicking back in the summer sun, preferably in a park or a beach somewhere. The album is a real treat, and from the moment I stumbled onto it earlier this week I’ve been listening quite a bit!

“Clover” has emerged as one of my favorites, and has definitely found its way onto the official chill playlist. This listen is bouncy and positive, driven home by the singing from Spurge, the cheery piano melody, and the sunny disposition. I really like this one, it feels like an aural mood elevator. Overall, it’s a song that sounds like it’s happy to be here (YEAH I HEAR YA GROANING).

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