Camp Lo – “Luchini AKA This Is It”

Forever a classic.

Bronx bombas Sonny Cheeba and Geechie Suede absolutely struck gold with this one, and together as Camp Lo, they  turned the rap game into a total Blaxploitation flick. Their 1997 debut, Uptown Saturday Night adopted all the coolest elements of Blackness in the 1970s: Big fros, big Caddies, smooth soul sistas, shiny gold medallions and other Superfly-kinda things and synthesized all of it right into their sound with the help of producer Ski, whose resume also includes working with Jay-Z.

Uptown Saturday Night (the title cribbed from a classic ’70s comedy) is  a slick record that walks the street with a bop and ain’t afraid to call you a jive turkey. Sonny and Geechie presented themselves as two  badass hustlers with their own style and damn-near indecipherable slang, always concerned with getting theirs and looking out for the next high-rolling caper. They sounded like they stepped out of a time machine, and their tracks were definitely unlike anything heard in the bling-heavy late ’90s, and still sounds really unique and cool today.

“Luchini” was the first single from the album, one which picked up quite a bit of buzz for the group way back when. Rocking an in-your-face sample of the R&B band Dynasty‘s 1980 single “Adventures in The Land of Music,” Sonny and Geechie go in, creating one of the most catchy and memorable debuts ever heard in hip-hop history. Brings a smile to my face every time I hit play. Dig it.

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