Canadian Winter – “City Lights”

Just wait till February.

So now we’re getting into the fall, with the leaves changing color, the days growing shorter, and cool nipping at you. Here in the District the weather pundits just announced that the upcoming winter season is going to be an active one, and that little tidbit is making some nervous.

The thing about D.C. is that this city can not function with snow. It doesn’t matter if it’s an inch or a foot, the place tends to train wreck. Is it the geography? The Government (and Metro)’s desire to take a break every chance it gets? The large population of escaped Floridians? The fact the city only has the budget for one snow blower and an old Chevy with a busted plow while the rest has disappeared in corruption? It’s all these things, and when the white stuff starts coming down heavy it’s the end of days.

As a born and bred Canadian (here’s the moment where half of my readership leaves forever), I’m…kinda looking forward to it. I hate the snow, I hate the cold, but dammit, it’s in my blood.

That’s what brings me to the Canadian indie hip-hop group known as Canadian Winter. Hailing from the city of Hamilton, just an hour from my home city of Toronto, the group is an interesting one. Fronted by a Brit named Kobi Annobil, their debut record Just Wait Till February (because any Canuck can tell you, that is when you’re in the dead of winter) is a concept record exploring Kobi’s arrival in Canada. The album follows Kobi as he gets used to a whole new country and culture, appreciating the vibrancy of Toronto, keeping in touch with friends and relatives back home, exploring the city, finding work, making friends, riding the bus, and finding out where he fits in. It’s a journey, and the record has you with Kobi at every step.

“City Lights” is one of my favorites of the record, and one of those songs I put on whenever I feel like going home. The beat is eclectic, Kobi’s rhymes name check such mainstays like the Toronto Raptors, and the video is a wonderful excursion through through the streets of downtown, a world-class destination I love and I know I’ll be returning back to one day. Definitely give this one a listen.

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