Cheekface – “I Feel So Weird!”

I became an instant fan of Cheekface when this one kicked off with lead vocalist and guitarist Greg Katz telling us he’s at the combination Jamba Juice and therapist.

A Das Racist reference in 2022, huh? And this track only gets nuttier from there! 

Too Much to Ask, the third album from the L.A. indie rock trio Cheekface has brought me so much joy! It’s a delightfully fun, irreverent, and quirky album, heavy on the dry humor and incredibly catchy listens. There’s prime neurotic energy at the heart of Too Much to Ask. A lot of it emanates from Katz, who delivers his musings in a clever, knowing, half-sung, half-spoken way that gives me shades of James Murphy or John McCrea of Cake, but a lot more manic, with some rather perceptive moments sprinkled throughout the oddity. Backed up by Amanda Tannen on bass and vocals, and Mark Edwards on drums, the album is absolutely raucous, with earworm melodies, uptempo paces, great instrumentation, and occasional blasts of electronic noise. It’s a real treat!

It’s tough picking just one song for tonight’s post. For a minute it was “Featured Singer,” the band’s take on an LCD Soundsystem banger with Katz cheerfully telling us about how if he sung on an EDM song it wouldn’t change the world, but it would still take TikTok by storm and annoy wedding deejays everywhere. “I Feel So Weird!” though, was right under my nose, punching me in the face (heh).

This listen is so fun and so, so weird! The tune is appropriately jangly and frenetic, as Katz alternates between sedate and explosive, sharing how he feels off but can’t figure out why. Hey man, it’s 2022, I get it. I love the mood swings of this one. The aggressive guitars, the way Tannen whispers “weirrrrddddd” in background like some trippy ASMR, even those cash register hits. And hell, Katz’s bit about having a heart, soul, and head full of barking dogs? Uhhhh…sure, why not!

Man. This listen is so good.

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