Co$$ & Numonics (feat. Freddie Gibbs) – “Gone”

Soon as I arrive, I’m gone…

I have a special place in my heart for Revelations, the collaborative album featuring the Los Angeles emcee Co$$ and the Fort Lauderdale-based producer (and sometimes rapper, whenever the mood should strike him) Numonics. Trust me when I say that this duo comes together like…magnets? Voltron? Well, something awesome, they make some damn great music together. Co$$ has really edged his way into my current favorite emcee list due to his intelligent, introspective rhymes, but also his innate ability to wreck shit with his cool demeanor and very slick performances. Numonics’s productions knock, suited perfectly for booming speakers on a hot summer day in a Southern locale. His sounds are often large, fast, and carry a unique quirkiness about them. He’s not your typical beatmaker, and I hope he catches some more recognition.

Released in 2010, Revelations still gets a lot of play from me, especially now being summer in the city, there are so many tracks from the album which serve as the perfect soundtrack. I’ve bounced around several songs from the record, hooked on so many different tracks, but now this particular listen has its claws in me. “Gone” is a musical hit and run: Fast and hard, with great verses from Co$$ and guest Freddie Gibbs. It’s definitely a power track, and a required listen for feeling cool where ever you’re at. A supreme listen, and I cannot wait until they drop their second effort, Genesis, later this summer.


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