D. Gookin – “Glad I Met You”

Mike Birnbaum is D. Gookin, an independent NYC-based producer and deejay who has built up a steady discography over the past several years, creating funky and upbeat music which aims for positivity and good vibes, employing bouncy beats, calming melodies, and a joyous, carefree feel. Listening to some of his tracks tends to set off a bit of nostalgia, as a lot of his music feels like a kaleidoscopic ode to summer, full of endless bright and warm days with friends and loved ones, full of fun, happiness, and memorable times, and several projects deep his skills behind the boards has only gotten better.

Now with summer here in the city, this song feels like a perfect soundtrack. From his debut EP, 2008’s When You’re Lonely, Everybody’s a Celebrity, I’m glad to have met this one (I can hear you groaning). The carefree feel, elastic beat, and chanting vocal samples, along with the stuttery beat and flutes? I can’t get enough of this one! It really does feel like the aural equivalent of the best mid-summer day ever, and you know how much I love those breezy summer getaways.

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