Deluka – “Finito”

Damn, talk about straight up addiction.

Now, if you know me, you know I like tracks that make you feel cool. I mean, coool. So cool I had to put an extra “O” in there. I’ll always take a headnodder that puts that extra swagger in your step, the kind of soundtrack that makes your drab, lifeless day instantly a billion times better. And for the better part of the last few days I’ve been bumping the work of a British band known as Deluka, whose music seems like a cross of ’80s electro, indie rock, and a restless, unpredictable cool, care of lead singer Ellie Innocenti. I stumbled onto them via the soundtrack of the videogame Grand Theft Auto 4, as their ridiculously awesome “Sleep Is Impossible” was featured in the game, and from there I wanted more.

The quirky synthesizers, the wry guitars, the attitude, the punkish flair of Ellie–it all comes together to create music that is at times both frenzied and focused like a laser, and it’s full of badassery. “Finito” is one such example, a listen which is all sorts of catchy, just a bit dangerous, and oh so cool. This track I’ve had on repeat for the better part of two days, and it ain’t loosening its grip anytime soon. I like what I’m hearing, and I can’t wait to hear more from the group.

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