Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs – “Stop (Think For A Moment)”

I’m bringing fear and all that / The gear I wear is all that / You want to doubt me, talk about me, I ain’t hearing all that…

This is one of the very few songs I can quote verbatim, anytime, anywhere, without fail. It often makes for some good drunken impromptu karaoke.

Boston emcee Edo G (or Ed O.G. as his label originally called him in order to present him as a “hard” emcee) issued a legit rap classic in 1991 with Life of a Kid in the Ghetto, with his backing group Da Bulldogs. The album is chock full of strong message tracks, with Edo issuing wisdom about society and touching upon social issues and problems within the inner city with a lot of candor and heart. It’s a rather underrated work which deserves to be held in higher regard as a golden age classic.

One of my favorite listens from the record, and frankly, one of my all-time favorites ever in the history of life, is this particular listen right here. A bragging and boasting rhyme, “Stop” is a breathtaking track. Yes, breathtaking. This song is one which will have you repeating it line-for-line. Edo comes with just these fantastic boasts and put downs, which, from the moment you hear it, you’re all-out grinning like a muthafucka, like your inner-child has awoken or something. It’s that solid, and the entire song makes for one great quotable. As well, the song’s production, with the Grover Washington and Gang Starr samples over that relaxed country melody makes for a odd-sounding juxtaposition that simply works. It’s playful, funny, and all around enjoyable, and it’s a song that I’m head over heels for.

Originally posted on my old Tumblr blog, Emaciated Wildebeest, on June 30, 2011 (Geeze, over 10 years now!)

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