Elevator Jay – “Thank Goodness”

Elevator Jay really makes you feel like a local.

There’s a real sense of comfort at the heart of Ain’t Nothin’ Finer, the 2017 release from North Carolina rapper/producer Elevator Jay. It’s an album that charmed me from the first listen, being carefree, confident, and unabashedly country. At the center of it is Jay, who does an impeccable job of bringing you into his world. From the jump you’re in the Chevy with him, windows down and trunk rattling on a steamy summer day as he takes you on a journey through his neck of the woods in Charlotte, making you feel right at home. Jay keeps matters cool, fun, and engaging.

Jay’s laid-back approach makes Ain’t Nothin’ Finer an easy record to keep on repeat. The album’s sound, all hooked up by Jay, channels ’90s and early ’00s Southern rap, being snappy, bottom heavy, and full of head-nodders, with pianos, sax, and harmonicas adding texture and depth. The whole package is so easy to vibe with that I immediately ran it back after the first play.

“Thank Goodness” is a listen that caught my ear from the jump as it interpolates some bits of Crystal Waters‘ ’91 hit, “Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless),” putting Jay in good company with fellow Southerner T.I. Jay glides over this listen, rhyming about a perfect day around his way as he rolls through the block, chills with friends, drops by a party, and generally keeps things breezy and easy. This one is a certified summer trunk-rattler.

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