Fashawn – “Father”

Cali rapper Fashawn‘s 2009 debut, Boy Meets World, forever occupies a special place in my heart. It’s the very definition of a feel-good album, bursting at the seams with positivity, deep reflections, and a striking sense of confidence and wisdom. Though Fash was about 21 when he dropped this record, listening to it it seems like he’s lived through a lifetime, growing up fast with absent parents in the harsh streets of Fresno, but he’s made the most of it, and even looks back on his formative years with a smile. On Boy Meets World he is a terrific storyteller, with candor, humor, and plenty of heart. I appreciate his earnestness, and even when tackling the difficult subjects Fash goes at them in a very thoughtful and composed way.

The other part of what makes the record a winner is how it sounds, with all tracks produced by Exile (of Blu & Exile fame), who pretty much became one of my favorite producers with his work here, with the music bright, bubbly, and very soul-inflected. It’s a smooth and very reassuring sound which gels so, so well with Fash’s performances.

So yeah, it’s a really good album, one which I’ve been delving back into and rekindling my appreciation of it.

“Father” won out for tonight’s post because it’s a solid headnodder which is also quite uplifting. Fash looks on the bright side of life, celebrating his relationship with God and knowing that while things are rough in his world he’s still happy and grateful to be living it. That’s real, and it displays the essence of why Boy Meets World is such a terrific record. Check it out.

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