Funkommunity – “Make It That Way”

Now this is a track to vibe to.

All day I’ve been listening to this one, a track from Chequered Thoughts, the debut album of the R&B/Neo-soul/Dat good old smoothchilljams outfit known as Funkommunity, the pairing of singer Rachel Frasier and producer Isaac Aesili. Hailing from that magical, mythical, far off land known as New Zealand, the group rocks with the best of ’em, delivering seductive burners perfect for a late-night listen in your ridiculously-expensive high-rise loft with a great view of the city lights. Over the past few months the group turned heads with their single, “Dandillion,” with the haunting synth stabs and the mysterious figure moving through drab landscapes, but having finally picked up the record, “Make It That Way” is one of the highlights, and complete and total aural sex (…yeah). I mean, just  listen to it! The rise and fall of the melody, the quiet-storm kind of mood, the layering of the vocals, and large, yet very personal vibe…Hell, even the rain falling in the end! It’s a track which gives me a warm feeling inside, like a blanket of fulfilling…ness.

Yeah, I’m just going to quit talking and let you hear it. Enjoy.

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