HEALTH – “Feel Nothing”

HEALTH keeps it 200%, ALWAYS.

Hailing from Los Angeles, HEALTH is an industrial rock band which has forged an intriguing career over the past decade for their extremely aggressive, loud, and furious sound, full of disorienting noise (shouts to clipping btw), drums of death, and whispy, unsettling vocals by band member Jacob Duzsik which feels like Death himself is in your ear. They remind me of Nine Inch Nails, except somehow even MORE despondent and explosive. The energy HEALTH brings is huge, looming, and goddamned relentless Needless to say, I’m a fan.

In 2019 the band dropped Slaves of Fear, their fourth LP, carrying on tradition in providing some the darkest, bleakest, and most charged music around. The record sets a hell of a mood, being intoxicating, dark, and unsettling, with violent spasms and agitation. There’s some real chaotic shit at hand here.

“Feel Nothing” is a knockout. Crank the volume and take in those pulsating drums and seizuring guitars. It’s a wild ride!

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