HEALTH – “Tears”

It’s raining outside, I’m fighting off a cold, so it’s time for more music!

My latest torrid love affair is this gem right here, one of the latest releases of the Los Angeles-based experimental rock band, HEALTH. Originally created for the soundtrack of the sublime game Max Payne 3, “Tears” has remained on my mind and playlist for quite some time. It’s a relentless, pulsating work. The wretched guitars, the droning synths, and the wailing, almost angelic lyrics about death and sorrow (but I’m a positive person, y’all), along with the harsh dissonant chords makes this one an evocative, atmospheric work. It’s dangerous and moody, but beckons to you, and you’ll be swayed by its seductiveness. It’s another one of those “make you feel cool”-tracks, and you know how much I love those!

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