iamamiwhoami – “in due order”

iamamiwhoami. I’m not totally sure how you pronounce that, is it like, “I am, am I, who am I”? Or, “I am Ami, who am I?” I’ve been wondering that for a minute.

But anyhow, the Swedish indie pop duo of Jonna Lee and Claes Björklund have been creeping on my playlist recently with several tracks off their 2012 debut Kin. The project had a peculiar origin as a series of videos, cryptically shared on Youtube over the course of several years, each song from the record getting an appropriate music video which, all put together, tells a story about…I’m not sure what. It’s kind of a trip. There’s a moment where Lee is in a field, then she’s in a forest with bears, then she gets kidnapped….I honestly don’t know.

The record itself is pretty solid though, and stands on its own without video accompaniment, perfectly trippy, engaging, and rather quirky. I’ve been digging it!

To share a song from Kin was a toss-up between “in due order” and “play,” the song that precedes it. While I like “play” for it’s expansive sound and catchiness, “in due order” calls to me for the song’s relentless beat and aggressive vibe, which brings to my hyper-imaginative mind  some real action-movie montage-type stuff. It’s a cool track, and it’s been on repeat for a few.

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