Imarhan – “Tahabort”

Taking it all the way back to the Mahgreb!

Imarhan is definitely one of my more rewarding musical discoveries (Bandcamp clutch as always). In tamaseq, the language of the Taureg people of North Africa, Imarhan means “the ones I care about,” and the six-member Algerian ensemble formed in the late ’00s to craft music which infused assouf, the guitar-driven desert blues of their homeland, with Western rock and soul.

And they are dope! The group has a knack for skillfully blending old and new, combining traditional with cosmopolitan. Their 2016 self-titled debut is a confident, fun, and engaging listen, with some skillful guitar and bass work and great rhythms.

“Tahabort” is a standout listen, one which I’ve dug for years now. I love the propulsive energy of this listen. The groove, the syncopation, and the on-the-run feel of the whole affair is a real trip, a great soundtrack for a desert excursion.

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