James Blake (feat. Travis Scott & Metro Boomin’) – “Mile High”

It’s probably already been said but James Blake makes music for you to vibe to while speeding down the highway in the middle of the night going nowhere with the windows down to blow away your tears cuz you lost your girl and your will to live.

But hey, super evocative though.

The British singer and musician has been making serious waves since his arrival in the early 2010s, kicking off with an experimental electronic musical style early in his career before making a transition to a quiet, steely, and moody take on R&B, with influences of soul, trap, and ambient music. Blake has crossed over into a bit of hip-hop as well, collaborating with Jay-Z, Ye, Three Stacks, and others. I appreciate how contemplative and composed his music can be. I was late to the party, hearing so much about his acclaimed 2016 record The Colour in Anything back in the day, and its utterly downcast and melancholic take on love and relations. Back then I wasn’t really ready for that (maybe cuz I was going through similar moods in my own damn relationship). But I’m here now, and I’m savoring his latest, 2019’s Assume Form.

“Mile High” has been a recent addition to my late-night playlist. Featuring guest vocals from the phenom Travis Scott and vocals and production from Metro Boomin‘, I’m really digging that quiet, sleek, and introspective take on trap music. It’s the ultimate mood music, with Scott and Blake reflecting on long nights, old and new flames, and chilled moments of decadence.

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