Jerome Thomas – “Bruises”

I’m late to the party but I’m damn glad I found this svelte listen from Jerome Thomas.

Considering himself a F.O.E. to the world, his acronym for ‘freedom of expression’, East Londoner singer/songwriter Jerome Thomas has been rising with his style of quiet, driven, and immensely smooth R&B. While a newcomer to the scene, Thomas makes a very promising entrance on his 2019 debut, Mood Swings, Vol. 1, a record I’ve been running back for the past few.

Mood Swings simmers, a pensive, atmospheric record with influences of D’Angelo and Erykah Badu. Thomas’s performances are strong, with a penchant for airy harmonies and raw feelings. The production is at times quite evocative, moody, and perfect for late nights…absolutely my jam!

“Bruises” is such a moment. It’s a dramatic, bluesy affair, tinged by despair. Thomas sings of a love that takes and hurts, for both of them. It is a love that is killing him, and he wonders how he can escape for it, even though he admits that its an addiction that’s hard to break. It’s a subtle, restrained listen that looms large, and very much an addiction as well.

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