Jessie Ware – “Step Into My Life”

Listening to Jessie Ware‘s What’s Your Pleasure? two things stand out for me: The end of the night-type vibe of its songs, which feels like the last dance before the lights come on in the club, and a persistent, yearning horniness.

Yeah. Like, you two been grinding on each other all night, things are winding down, your buzz is fading, your heart and hormones are racing, both of you are kinda feeling each other…shoot ya shot!

I’ve been really digging the British singer-songwriter’s latest. Sultry dance-pop with ’80s and ’90s cues and a quiet aura to them. It’s not to say that the album is lacking energy, it’s just low-key, like the track “In Your Eyes,” which feels like Sade meets early Massive Attack. Again, it strikes me as the soundtrack for when the night winds down, with smooth beats and inviting vocals from Ware.

And Ware carries it well, with breathy vocals and plenty of moments here about that subtle rush you feel with someone new.

I wrote down in my notes that “Step Into My Life” feels like a banger for Bond movie. It’s got this dramatic, theatrical flair to it that I adore, with a slinky bassline, a brilliant chorus, and an awesome string accompaniment. Ware’s in her element with that sexual tension, dropping very non-subtle hints to this person that she needs them, right now. Honestly, step up, brah!

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