JMSN – “Love 2 U”

How do you make my entire year? Easy, a new JMSN record.

Detroit singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist JMSN has been chilling in my all-time favorites for years, ever since I stumbled onto a remix he did of a Blue Sky Black Death track and discovered his Pllaje EP, a tumultuous, brooding, and sweeping work which channeled the spirits of House of Balloons-era Weeknd and blew my mind back in 2013. I became a lifelong fan the moment I heard his 2014 S/T (AKA the Blue Album), and I reckon I’ve heard “Bout It” about 15 million times since then.

Enigmatic and dark at the onset of his career, JMSN has made subtle but significant changes to his style and sound over the past few years, honing in on a style of R&B that’s seductive, mature, fun, just a bit cheesy, and uniquely his own. That style came to the fore on 2018’s Velvet, a record I absolutely adore and recommend you listen to at this very moment, and after 3 years, he’s back with Heals Me, a listen I’ve been vibing with heavily for the past few weeks.

Heals Me is just what I needed, and true to its title, healing my whole existence. JMSN is most definitely in his element here, blending moody and dark elements with terrific singing and instrumentation. “Love 2 u” is the album’s centerpiece--a lonesome and sultry jam that clocks in at over 8 minutes of brilliance. When JMSN busts out the guitar, along with the drums and incredible strings this listen transcends time and space.

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