JMSN – “Wasted Love”

Ah, JMSN, it’s like you really know me!

The key to my musical heart? Any track that’ll make me feel cool. Like, when it comes on the headphones, it instantly boosts the ego exponentially, makes vivid pictures in my head, and has everyone and everything getting out of my path as I do my thing. The world simply melts away and I get lost in the sounds. It’s got to be evocative, enveloping, moody…all that.

And that’s why I’ve been digging the work of artist Christian Berishaj, otherwise known as JMSN (pronounced Jameson), a singer and producer whose music is pretty powerful. I find that his music draws some parallels to The Weeknd, with plenty of introspective tales and pained performances over sweeping and emotive productions, though with JMSN it’s not ALL about drugs and one night stands.

Well, a fair bit of it is, but he goes into other stuff too, which I appreciate because damn, we can’t all be as cool as The  Weeknd.

Anyway, I’ve recently picked up his 2013 EP, the sublime…hold on, let me C/P this, †Pllajë† which I’ve been enjoying immensely. There’s a lot of power in this listen, full of emotion and shifting moods. It’s a little mysterious, a little dangerous, and I love every moment of it. “Wasted Love” strikes the mood quite nicely, with a pulsating beat and a cold demeanor which turns red hot as the drums and pace pick up. It’s a nightmarish trip down the rabbit hole with the echoey vocals and synths. Well done.


  1. August 7, 2014

    Been playing this EP non stop the last few days. It’s one of the best things I’ve heard in a while, and it’s been hard to listen to anything else. Thanks for putting me up on this!

  2. […] years, ever since I stumbled onto a remix he did of a Blue Sky Black Death track and discovered his Pllaje EP, a tumultuous, brooding, and sweeping work which channeled the spirits of House of Balloons-era […]

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