Joyce Wrice (Feat. Masego) – “Must Be Nice”

Like a cool breeze on a summer day, this one from Joyce Wrice is a much-welcomed moment.

The LA singer’s latest record, Overgrown, has been a treat for me this week. A laid-back, mature record which channels the pop-R&B of the late ’90s and early ’00s, with hints of soul, funk, and hip-hop. Wrice is locked in: Her confidence and cool is intoxicating, giving me real Brandy vibes. I’m also feeling a lot of the guests she brought in for this album, including Kaytranada, Freddie Gibbs, and hell, even Westside Gunn. It’s a smooth listen.

A highlight for me has been “Must Be Nice.” A duet of sorts with singer, crooner, all-around smooth operator Masego, this listen sounds so seductive, rhythmic and breezy, which belies it’s tempestuous lyrics about whether to break up or make up. This one is quite addictive.

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