JPEGMAFIA – “Real Nega”

There’s a peculiar sample which pops up at various points on Veteran, second full-length by indie rapper JPEGMAFIA. It’s a vocal sample of a woman saying, “you think you know me,” which stands out at me for two reasons:

  1. It’s used in WWE wrestler Edge‘s intro music, and…
  2. I don’t know a damn thing about Peggy.

Rapper, producer, and Air Force vet JPEGMAFIA (or ‘Peggy’ or short) has emerged as one of the genre’s more interesting rhymers. Calling Baltimore home, Peggy brings an abrasive, experimental sound and a completely fuck-all attitude, and I’m all here for it. Listen to him for a minute and you can tell Peggy was raised on Mortal Kombat, WWE, and 4chan and it shows. His energy is raw, his lines are lucid, and he flies off the handle with unhinged battle raps, wild boasts, random asides, and plenty of weird shit that only makes sense if you’re on the Internet far too much. In a way he kinda reminds me of ODB, except younger, more focused, and with a lot more digital noise in his sounds. Veteran is a fun record, full of mood swings and a punk mentality. I’m digging it.

Speaking of ODB, the way Peggy sampled that iconic, drawn out and guttural throat noise Dirt McGuirk makes on “Goin’ Down” is awesome, setting “Real Nega” off on a good foot. Peggy speeds up the sample, adds a fucking aggressive drum beat and goes in on the raps. The energy he brings here is great, and I’m completely with it.

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