Kaytranada (feat. River Tiber) – “VIVID DREAMS”

Back again to share some lovely, lovely tunes!

Kaytranada‘s come up was a long time coming and well-deserved. A quiet kid coming out of Montreal (but originally from Haiti), it was Kay’s remixes of R&B tracks by legendary artists like Janet Jackson and Erykah Badu, largely made on the beat program FL Studio in his bedroom, that brought him wide acclaim. His work even garnered recognition and praise from the artists themselves (like the aforementioned Ms. Jackson). Building up a fanbase via Soundcloud and Youtube Kay took his time to define his style, landing high profile collaborations, production work, and even a few guest spots on tours before he put out his long-awaited debut, 99.9%, in early 2016. The record is a dope one, boasting some quality guests like Anderson .PaakPhonteBADBADNOTGOODLittle Dragon, and more, over original compositions from Kay which are snappy, energetic, and perfect for getting the club poppin’ on a Saturday night.

The record has some standout listens, and “Vivid Dreams” is most definitely one of them, sounding like a darkly seductive take on a dance track tailor-made for the catwalk during Fashion Week in the 1990s. There’s a good amount of intrigue and flair on display here with Kay’s beat, which rises and drops like a rollercoaster ride, along with the probing piano keys. The ghostly vocals from Toronto singer River Tiber are also quite strong here too, making this listen even more mysterious and inviting. It’s terrific.


  1. […] into a great drum break and vampy synths, this listen feels like a ’90s catwalk affair (huh, second time I’ve described a song that way). It’s got a dramatic flair, and I love the guitar licks and Hynes’ whispery vocals. […]

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