KeiyaA – “I! Gits! Weary!”

Weary doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Tonight I’m vibing with Chicago singer and multi-instrumentalist KeiyaA‘s superlative debut, Forever, Ya Girl from last year. Hipped to her track “Rectifiya” by Elucid on Twitter, I was completely blown away by the listen’s experimental, insular, and magnetizing feel. Forever, Ya Girl is the same: A breezy, confident, personal record that feels like she made it in her bedroom. It’s a really revealing work, as KeiyaA flows between moods and sits in thought, ruminating on loneliness, personal strength, defiance, just trying to survive, and much more. I really enjoy how she plays around with tempos, goes for left-field beat switches, and employs carefully selected vocal samples. There’s clarity in her vision, and a fascinating, exploratory mood to her music, which I’m enjoying.

“I! Gits! Weary!” is a short but terrific listen that feels like a declarative statement on existing in 2021. For the title, there’s a lot of energy and a lot of chill to this track, which feels so welcoming and needed to me as we come to the end of this manic week.

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