Kyle Hubbard (feat. K-Rino and Renzo) – “Chasing the Dream”

It’s a struggle.

One of the biggest tropes in all of Rapperdom (Er, Rapdom?) is the desire to be successful. For every successful or moderately successful hip-hopper, there’s roughly 50 thousand who are out there trying to make something happen. It’s a difficult game, and everyone who plays it gets caught up in that same stress, as life begins to chip away at the dream, and the person begins to wonder if what they’re doing is actually worth it, if it isn’t a waste of time, and whether or not they’ve been chasing after a mirage. Striving to achieve a difficult goal isn’t limited to hip-hop, but the genre certainly has taken to it closely, and many aspiring and established artists have internalized the struggle. For some it really is get rich or die trying, because the alternatives are worse.

For me, emcee Kyle Hubbard has put down one of the most poignant tracks detailing that chase that I’ve ever heard. From Houston, Hubbard is a talented emcee who knows the chase and that desire to succeed almost intimately, along with the crushing disappointment and doubt. Hell, his latest record is called You’re Not That Special, the title a slap to the face which many aspiring artists will feel the sting of the moment they try to get into the game.  He expresses doubt and isn’t afraid to show a bit of weakness and fear, but he’s fully committed to rapping even though it can be a harsh life.

“Chasing the Dream” is an excellent listen which nails the struggle. The push to be more than nothing is palpable. The stress, the lack of support, the constant worrying and wondering of where to go and how to get there, and trying to avoid that writing on the wall…it’s damn near heartbreaking, and Hubbard along with veteran H-Town emcee K-Rino do it well, mentioning that despite all the hardship there’s no way they’re quitting. An excellent listen.

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