Little Simz – “I Love You, I Hate You”

I see you, Little Simz, casually dropping your latest on the same day as that odd pregnant emojis album by that guy from Toronto and not only being unscathed but putting out one of 2021’s best listens.

British rapper Simbiatu “Simbi” Abisola has been on my radar since 2016’s Grey Area. She’s an ace at what she does, creating smart, thoughtful, and ambitious hip-hop, and she’s been coming into her own over the past few years. Simz strives to make every bar essential, every beat lovingly crafted. I’mma tell ya, don’t dismiss her cuz she’s not American, she’s got great hip-hop on LOCK.

I’ll say it again: Sometimes I Might Be Introvert (acronym SIMBI), is one of the year’s best albums, hitting me upside the head on first listen. You’ll be struck by the record’s grandiosity, as Simz employs a robust strings section, and hell, the whole damn orchestra, to create a lush and cinematic sound. Propelling the record forward are skits where Simz converses with herself and a fairy godmother-like character inside her head as she strives to become her very best self. It’s inspired.

“I Love You, I Hate You” is a moment of catharsis. Here, Simz reflects on the fractured relationship with her father, and all the good and bad that it brings. This one is heavy and a bit traumatic, Simz expresses so much vulnerability, composure, and bravery as she lays her thoughts bare for the world on such a difficult and personal topic. What a listen.

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