Lushlife – “Motivation”

Man, how in the hell did I not hear of Lushlife?

While on my pron/music/net crawl I came across the Bandcamp of the Philadelphia-based producer and emcee Lushlife, with a single from his upcoming record Plateau Vision, “Big Sur.”  Giving it a shot, I liked what I heard: Very engaging production, and true to the guy’s name, quite lush with the sounds and his performance. Working my way back, I gave his acclaimed 2011 release, No More Golden Days a download, and, well, damn.

It’s been a while since I’ve heard hip-hop that really grabs you, where the sounds and lyrics meld together to make this sublime experience. Listening to No More Golden Days makes me want to lay back on a breezy night with a nice pair of headphones, and just…chill.  Take it all in. Lush’s production truly is fantastic. It’s sweeping, spacey, and dynamic. The music simply intrigues the hell out of me, and the more I listen the more I want.

“Motivation” is one of the record’s bangers, and a prime example of outright awesomeness. Lush does some wonderful things with the beat here, going for a track which really sounds like a journey of sorts, fitting for his rhymes of motivation and keeping on the path of striving and surviving. Lush has got a new fan here, and I’ll certainly be waiting for his next record.

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