Mac DeMarco – “Let Her Go”

From front to back, Mac DeMarco‘s 2014 record Salad Days is pleasant. It’s a freewheeling and mellow album, with jams that feel like a reassuring breeze on a summer day. The second record and critical breakthrough by the Canadian indie musician, Salad Days has been a bit of an escape for me for the past few weeks. A breather recorded after an extensive tour, the record has Mac waxing about life, relationships, and simply existing, over tight guitar work, sometimes spacy vibes, and Mac’s smooth, ’70s AM gold delivery. It’s really…well, pleasant, and I can’t believe I slept on this album and the dude’s discography for so long!

There’s a quite a few quiet, reflective, and honest moments on Salad Days, especially when Mac touches on love and relationships, and “Let Her Go” is one of the most poignant. Over a supremely light and relaxed tune, Mac basically tells you to give up on that relationship you’ve been chasing after if you don’t see a future. It’s simple, frank, and disarming. And for someone who went through something like this recently…it feels kind of raw.

But it just sounds so damn pleasant!

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