Mach-Hommy – “Au Revoir”

Pretty dope I don’t need to spend $1000 to hear Mach-Hommy‘s latest.

Nah, really. The Newark rapper got on my radar for delivering grimy, street-focused records from a unique perspective, drawing on his Haitian roots. Hommy’s gained acclaim over the last few years for his cerebral rhymes, mysterious persona, and engaging street records…

…Which he priced for ridiculous sums of money. I gotta give it to him, he definitely bucked that trend of rappers giving away too much for free, and his pricy discog turned heads, kicking off convos about exclusivity and the price of art. It was fortunate too that the quality of his work also lived up to the price tag.

Now aligned with Griselda Records, an absolute force when it comes to new-age, East Coast hardcore street hip-hop, Mach-Hommy is right at home. His lyrics are straightforward, gutter, and full of ridiculously slick punchlines, and the beats are chopped up soul samples with a good knock and random asides. Everything’s sharpened to a fine point on his latest, Pray for Haiti.

“Au Revoir” stands out for me. A “breather” of sorts towards the tail end of the record, where Hommy spits a quick verse, I really like the smooth, godfather feel of this listen. The bass lick is so phenomenal and authoritative. Guest Melanie Charles provides some sumptuous singing in kreyol. which sounds alluring and dangerous. And Hommy does his thing here, speaking on how everyone will remember his name and saying goodbye to the haters. I can’t lie, that line about Meghan Markle always gets a chuckle from me. Just an all-around cold ass listen.

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