Majid Jordan – “Make It Work”

Okay, so let me mention this upfront: This post will mention Drake, and I trust that you will keep readi–

Wait, get back here! This one is worth your time.

Okay, now Majid Jordan is the duo of singer Majid Al Maskatsi and producer Jordan Ullman, both hailing from my home city of Toronto. After meeting up at the University of Toronto the duo’s stylish approach to R&B caught the attention of OVO Sound, the home label of Drizzy himself (And no, I don’t know him just because I grew up in the same city, stop asking, dammit!). In 2013 the group landed a feature spot as well as production credits on Drake’s smash hit, “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” kicking off a buzz, and earlier this year they dropped their self-titled debut. I heard some chatter about the record from various places, and without much introduction, decided to check it out.

The record is not bad at all, full of smooth, danceable, low-key R&B; the type of soundtrack perfect for the catwalk or to play in the background you gaze out on the city silently from your sky-high penthouse. It’s more style over substance, and it’s good at being evocative. There’s been a few tracks from the album I’ve had on repeat for a minute, perfect for the late night vibe.

One of my favorite tracks from the album is “Make It Work,” one joint that makes me wants to drop everything and head to the nearest dancefloor. The track is simply cool and catchy as hell, and one listen that’s been on repeat for a minute.

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