Martha and the Muffins – “Echo Beach”

No song sums up my mood right now better than this classic by Martha and the Muffins.

Martha and the Muffins was formed in Toronto, Canada in 1977 as a new wave outfit with five members in its original lineup: Guitarists David Miller and Mark Gane, bassist Carl FinkleTim Gane on drums, and keyboardist, singer, and band namesake Martha Johnson. The band would soon add the “second” Martha, Martha Ladly, also a singer and keyboardist, and sax player Andy Haas to round out the mix. The band issued their first single the next year, and quickly landed a record deal with Virgin Records offshoot label Dindisc, with whom they released their debut record (and the label’s first LP), 1980’s Metro Music (the album’s title and cover referencing their home city). The record was a notable debut for its energy and poppiness, with great playing from the band, and one particular listen from the record would expose them to the world.

“Echo Beach” was the group’s big breakout hit, reaching the top ten in Canada, Europe, and Australia, and even getting a few plays south of the border in the U.S. as well. This song is something of a throwback radio classic in Toronto, a homegrown hit which still sounds fresh nearly 40 (!) years on. I remember hearing this one from time to time growing up. “Echo Beach” is the mythical locale where singer Martha Johnson dreams to escape, getting away from her boring desk job to take a moment in a paradise “far away in time.” Echo Beach is a state of mind, whatever you want it to be really, where the nostalgia is heavy and the feelings and memories of good times come flooding back like waves. That’s how I feel about Toronto, my home Canada and the memories of family and friends in the summertime. Can’t wait to be there…Only a few more days.

Only a few more days. This vacation ain’t coming fast enough, bruh!

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