Men I Trust – “Sugar”

Pretty presumptuous to call your band Men I Trust but after listening to this one…well, okay. I trust ’em.

I’m really enjoying Untourable Album, the 2021 release from indie Montreal electronic trio Men I Trust, composed of instrumentalists Jessy Caron and Dragos Chiriac and vocalist Emma Proulx. The band takes a low-gear approach to electronic music, really drawing you in with their warmth and texture. The music sounds very “full” and expertly composed, creating an atmosphere that’s inviting and intimate. Proulx’s vocals are soft and a delight, gelling well with the bedroom feel of the album. At first I wondered why it was called Untourable Album, thinking it was stemming from…ya know, but on further listen, the music feels really personal, something just for you to absorb and get lost in.

“Sugar” is so alluring, it feels like a modern take on some Fleetwood Mac, especially with Proulx’s lyrics about an on-again, off-again lover. “Sugar” flows over you in slow waves of bliss. The guitars are smooth, the chord progression is languid and comforting, and the track is so damn easy on the ears and the soul. A lovely moment.

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