Morcheeba – “Never An Easy Way”

Mannnnnn, you can’t tell me nothing when it comes to Morcheeba.

The British group, comprised of producers Ross and Paul Godfrey and singer Skye Edwards originally formed as in the latter half of the ’90s as part of a then-new wave of artists embracing a new style of music dubbed by the press as “trip-hop:” a slow, seductive, and moody kind of music rooted in R&B, dub, and electronic dance, originated by groups Massive Attack and Portishead. From that point, Morcheeba has had a long and storied career, with eight albums, numerous genre switchups, and even lineup changes. They’ve seen the highs and lows, have thrown their listeners through a loop more than once, have ebbed and flowed when it comes to success, but 20 years since their formation they’re still at it. Morcheeba keeps it interesting, and have built up a worldwide fanbase while putting out some pretty damn good music over the years.

I came on board with their second record, ’98’s Big Calm, still a classic that straddles the line between trip-hop and pop and contains some of their most well-known hits, but since then I’ve picked up most of their records. Just letting you know now that the group will be a repeat offender on the Beest, because Skye’s singing is angelic to my ears and the Godfrey brothers strive to keep things interesting no matter what angle they take.

For this post I had to focus on their 1996 debut, Who Can You Trust? an album which has been on repeat all day. Slow, low, and seductive…this record is a spacy and moody affair, where all lights are on Ms. Edwards…your siren and savior in this dark and seedy lounge. This particular listen ruminates with me right now, because there really is never an easy way when it comes to life, especially when you’re going after something you want. These lines stay on my mind:

I’m not losing yet
So, don’t forget me
I’ll say it, replay it, and try tomorrow…

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