Muhsinah – “Cut Off”

Short, but oh so sweet, I’ve really been enjoying M, the latest EP by indie R&B artist Muhsinah. A singer and producer with a strong DIY approach to her music, the Washington, D.C. songstress has been steadily building an impressive resume over the past few years, gaining a great buzz with her debut release day.break 2.0 and landing some key collaborations. I remember my introduction to her back in 2008, providing wonderful contributions to the massive R&B group The Foreign Exchange‘s sublime second record, Leave It All Behind, in particular the track “Daykeeper.” That listen still has a special place in my heart for how utterly beautiful it is, much of it due to her mellifluous vocals. After a bit of a hiatus she dropped the four-track M last year and I’m really intrigued by how snappy and seductive the music is and her spirited performances. I love how positive she is, too, especially on the closing track “Okay.”  It all comes together quite nicely, and leaves me wanting to hear more. Much more.

Now tonight’s choice of song didn’t come easily, as while writing this post I bounced between two tracks: The cocksure and bouncy EP opener “Luv w Luv” and the tempestuous “Cut Off.” I chose the latter because of its conflicted mood, as Muhsinah ruminates over the impending end of a relationship, but still harbors feelings of love. It has been one listen which has been on constant repeat for me for a minute! And oh yeah, the EP is free on her site, if you like what you’re hearing give it a download.

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