Nacho Picasso – “Bad Guy”

Say what you will about Seattle emcee Nacho Picasso, but he’s got a damn fine work ethic.

Recently he dropped his latest release, Exalted, the third full record of new material in the span of nine months, again working closely with the production duo of Kingston and Young God, better known as Blue Sky Black Death (Really, don’t get me started on just how much I love their album Noir. Really. Don’t. That will be a post for another time). While I’ve yet to give the new record a listen, if it’s anything like their first two records, For The Glory and Lord of the Fly, I’m sold.

So who’s Nacho? A swagged out, tatted up, scrawny-ass stoner with a smart mouth. His lazy, hazy drawl exudes an overwhelming sense of cool and confidence, and he loves cracking jokes while he’s cracking your girl.  His presence on the mic is solid.

But I also can’t forget BSBD, who bring some incredible sounds to the mix. They are more than beatmakers, they are producers, and they bring a sweeping, mysterious, and intricate sound to Nacho’s words, augmenting the sound and music considerably to make a strong combination. And to think, it’s only a fraction of what they can really do (as seen in their instrumental projects like Late Night Cinema and the life-changing Noir).

Anyhow, three albums deep from the collaboration, you’d think I’d do a song more recent, but NOPE! Instead I want to focus on “Bad Guy,” the first song from their first album, which I feel is a most terrific introduction to Nacho and BSBD. The sounds are large and dramatic, Nacho is on point, and all together it’s one for the ages. Enjoy.


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