People Under The Stairs – “Days Like These”

By the way, does anyone remember that  old ’90s horror movie “People Under The Stairs”? You know, the horror flick about that kid trapped in a house with that insane family and he had to rescue the girl who was imprisoned inside? I’ve seen that movie too many times. Is that on Netflix? …Hold up, it is?

Oh wait, wait, let me get to the group first.

Much like the classic Wes Craven flick, the Los Angeles duo People Under The Stairs is crazy underrated. Members Thes One and Double  K have built a stellar career since their partnership in the late ’90s. “Consistent” would be a great word to describe ’em, as eight records deep they’ve cultivated a steady following and a strong reputation towards making music which is meaningful, memorable, and just fun. I feel like PUTS is a kind of a hidden treasure: Once you discover them you wonder why more people aren’t raving about ’em, but once you do a little digging you realize that the people who know ’em, love em, and that their catalogue endlessly impresses.

Tonight’s listen is a particular gem. “Days Like These” from their 2006 record Stepfather is feel-good hip-hop to the fullest as Thes and K recall their upbringings, and despite the struggles they’ve endured growing up having the right people in their lives and taking nothing for granted made all the difference. They look back with fond memories and look forward with positivity….and if you know me, it’s all about staying positive. The beat is a joy to hear as well, as it flows smoothly through their memories, making this one a perfect late-night listen for chillin’. Relax and reminisce.

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