Pete Rock (feat. Loose Ends) – “Take Your Time”

I’m young, stupid, and damn impatient. Leave it up to Pete Rock to set me straight.

Legendary NY beatmaker Pete Rock came to prominence in the early ‘90s as one half of the dynamic duo, Pete Rock & CL Smooth. Together with the awesome rhymer CL, Pete made some profound music with 1992’s Mecca and the Soul Brother and ’94’s The Main Ingredient (which I’ve covered previously on the ‘Beest). We were blessed for only a moment, as Pete and CL broke up a year after Ingredient. As CL took up his lifelong passion, crochet, Pete kept on, and in 1998 released his debut album Soul Survivor. During the creation of the record scores of rappers lined up around the block of the studio, eager to appear on the great composer’s prized instrumentals, and Soul Survivor features many notable artists, such as Common, Black Thought, Prodigy (of Mobb Deep), O.C., several members of the Wu-Tang Clan, and more.

Today’s song features none of those artists. I get off on withholding. Instead, on “Take Your Time” Mr. Rock himself takes up the mic (which he tends to do from time to time), to reflect on his career and passion for hip-hop. His featured guests on this one are Loose Ends, a UK R&B group which had its heyday back in the mid-’80s. “Take Your Time” is one of the album’s highlights, a shining example of Pete’s ability to make absolutely intoxicating tunes. It’s a subtle instrumental, kicked into low-earth orbit thanks to the vocals by Loose Ends, the echoing voice saying “time” repeatedly, the smooth bass, and easy vibes.

Just play this at night, and let Pete provide some peace of mind.

“Don’t sweat simple things…take your time, and do your thing.”

That’s a lesson I need to learn.

Originally posted on my old blog, Emaciated Wildebeest, on January 10, 2011.

But wait, it’s 2016 and I’ve got more! My fondness for this listen is still strong after all these years. There several tracks by Pete which I associate with different parts of my life, and “Take Your Time” definitely was part of the soundtrack of my college years, as I stressed out over finals and pondered life after school. This listen definitely helped get me in the right frame of mind, and listening to it now, it still sounds reassuring.


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