Pretty Lights – “Finally Moving”


Yeah, yeah, I know it’s been nearly a month, damn! I went through some transitions, a relocation being one of them. Goodbye, Florida, hello, Washington, D.C.! It’s been a great few weeks getting into the city, learning, discovering, and also listening…I find myself diving back into my wealth of music, and reconnecting with records. It’s been fantastic.

And few tracks are more fitting for this transition that “Finally Moving,” a superb listen from the prominent indie electronic artist Pretty Lights. From Colorado, PL has gained considerable attention and praise for his sounds, a complex mix of downtempo moods, glitch, soulful samples,  hip-hop, and more, becoming a fervent mix of awesome music. I stumbled onto the debut, 2006’s Taking Up Your Precious Time, and really was enamored with the soul and low-key feel of the tracks. I especially like how it tells a story in it’s sounds and song titles, of a lonely train ride with a special someone in mind. “Finally Moving,” a fan favorite, is one of the record’s standouts. Rocking the same Etta James vocal sample as Avicii‘s club hit “Levels” and Flo-Rida‘s pop hit “Good Feeling,” it carries a quiet determination, with feelings of conflict and inner ruminations…it’s tempestuous, but moving ever onward. Right now, it’s my soundtrack to life. Things are finally moving, and while there are challenges to face and elements to work past, everything is in motion. I like that.

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