Relic (feat. Saukrates) – “Just The Day”


I can’t lie, this month has been a whirlwind of developments, good, bad, intriguing and all around confusing. Life has a way with throwing some curveballs at you, and I’ve been dealing with ’em all month long. It’s been hectic but I’m making my way, even though I’m trying to stay one step ahead of over-thinking and stress. I don’t know where I’m headed, but I’m staying positive. That’s the only way I can be.

This listen, “Just The Day,” from Canadian emcee Relic came up on shuffle this afternoon, while I was riding the train home from another interview, and it pretty much encapsulates the feel of my life right now. Rel and the veteran  T-dot emcee Saukrates take a moment to pause and reflect on a life moving too fast, where people are all too willing to make moves simply to get ahead, make concessions where they choose not to acknowledge the after-effects, and not taking the time to chill and simply explore what’s going on around them. Everything is a split second and decisions are superficial, and we aren’t living, even though we’re trying. As Relic says, “We leave our soul searching to Google and MapQuest.” The track definitely resonates with me, and I got to take a minute and just chill. Life right now is most definitely a trip, but spinning this, I feel right at ease.

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