Saba (feat. Eryn Allen Kane) – “Burnout”

Another good kid in a mad city.

For the last 2 days I’ve had ComfortZone, the latest mixtape by emcee Saba on repeat, and damn, I am hooked. As the leader of a collective known as Pivot Gang, the kid outta Chicago has been making waves over his talent and potential, with his ComfortZone mixtape and live shows gaining him much praise. I first encountered Saba on his guest spot on fellow Chi-town emcee Chance The Rapper‘s excellent record from last year, Acid Rap, but on ComfortZone he really impresses with his choice of beats and particularly intriguing topic matter. A recurring theme throughout the record that is of his path, with Saba grappling with whether or not he can become successful in his life when it’s sometimes damn near necessary to hit the streets to survive. He mentions his strong grades, his desire to go to college, to find a stable career and to make something of himself, but life in Chicago when you’re young and you have nothing makes it very difficult to stay on the right path. He sounds well aware of just how many young men are dying out there, but he’s trying to do all that he can to keep on moving forward.

This particular track has hit me HARD. Saba, along with the lovely Ms. Kane on the hook deliver a terrific jam. “Burnout” is determined, inspiring, and fleet, with Saba introducing you to himself: A good kid who means well and wants to do big things, but dealing with a hectic environment, self-doubt, and little reassurance from others. But still he keeps on.  You gotta admire it, and you hope that he goes far.

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