Snoh Aalegra – “Do 4 Love”

Before I get into this sublime sweetness from Snoh Aalegra, I got to take a moment to reflect on 10 years of The Wildebeest.

Yeah, this site’s been around for a whole decade.

I kicked off this site on February 14, 2012 with a perfect Valentine’s Day joint from D.C. emcee Uptown X.O. At the time I was in my mid-20s, aimless, stuck in my parent’s house in South Florida, sending out job applications with no callbacks. Buying a domain was the next step after posting my music musings on Tumblr for about a year and a half, which itself was an upgrade from sharing lengthy music posts to my Facebook page with Youtube links. I figured a website would be a good way to have a more permanent place for my thoughts on songs, particularly in old school hip-hop, and back then I was hungry to discover, learn, and share tracks I liked to anyone who’d listen.

And now it’s a decade later. I moved to D.C. two months after that first post and been there since. I’m a journalist, writer, and podcaster, working in the big leagues. I’ve grown a lot, personally and professionally, and this site played a role in that growth.

The Wildebeest has been a blessing. The site kept my writing sharp, and kept me going even during times when I didn’t feel like writing. It kept me passionate about music, seeking out new and diverse artists while rediscovering and reevaluating old favorites, and it pushed me to look at their art more deeply. The Wildebeest became a writing portfolio, as I begun my baby-writer gig for the old hip-hop site KevinNottingham, and it tipped the scale in landing me my first big boy writing job (The interview quickly morphed into talking about hip-hop because my future boss saw the site). I’ve made friends, gotten props from artists, connected with other fans, put folks on to new favorites and I’ve had a lot of fun doing it. I’m thankful, and to anyone who has ever checked out this site, clicked one of my links, or listened to any of these songs, I appreciate you.

So what’s next for the Beest? Honestly, the same thing I do every week: I’ll keep sharing music and talk about why I enjoy it and maybe you will too, ’til I don’t feel like doing it anymore. Don’t worry, I still got plenty left to share, though!

Okay, 400 words later, let’s get to the song! I’ve been enamored with this single from singer/songwriter Snoh Aalegra, who has created a buzz for her intimate, chill, and breezy take on R&B and soul. Her 2017 debut, FEELS, and 2019’s ugh, those feels again fit in quite nicely with that moody, spacy, bedroom vibe R&B that’s all the rage these days, and she’s pretty nice with it!

A cover of Bobby Caldwell‘s classic 1978 torch song “What You Won’t Do for Love,” Aalegra slows things down and makes the song more dramatic, lonely, and arresting. Aalega looms over this listen, her vocals heavy and close, and the strings that accompany her are absolutely haunting. While nothing can top the original, Aalegra’s version is wonderful.

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