ST 2 Lettaz – “Ocean GMix”

“I’ll thank God for the desert if I make it out this damn water…”

ST 2 Lettaz is most definitely a force to be reckoned with. I’m reminded of this fact every time I spin his 2013 effort, The G…Growth & Development. For me, 2 Lettaz came from damn near out of nowhere. Okay, yeah, I know he’s one-half of the acclaimed Southern rap duo G-Side with emcee Yung Clova (which, after several strong records culminating with 2011’s Island broke up in 2012 but THANKFULLY reunited in late 2013), reps Huntville, Alabama hard, and has the the backing of one of the tightest production crews I’ve heard in a minute, the Block Beattaz…but honestly? I just wasn’t paying attention. For the last several years.

Yeah’p. I do that sometimes. My bad.

But fortunately, I gave The G a listen and I was drawn in from the jump. With his raw drawl, rapid-fire delivery and energy 2 Lettaz knows how to grab your attention, providing listens which knock pretty hard. There are several strong moments on The G…head nodders which I find myself keeping on repeat, and 2 Lettaz is most definitely concerned with getting his. The dude is simply inspired to make his mark on hip-hop. I’m impressed by his efforts.

“Ocean GMix” is a good example of what 2 Lettaz can do. The Block Beattaz beat is appropriately sweeping and cinematic, with airy vocals and thundering drums perfect for your car, as 2 Lettaz declares that no matter what, he can swim, and he can survive whatever the world can throw at him. It’s an inspiring and  empowering listen.

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