St. Lucia – “A Brighter Love”

Shout out to St. Lucia changing my life again, like they always do when they come to town!

St. Lucia (not the Caribbean nation) is a synthpop band led by the husband and wife team of Jean-Philip Grobler and Patti Baranek, and three albums deep they’ve honed their skills in making anthemic, upbeat pop. I’ve became a fan with their debut, 2013’s flashy, ’80s-tinged When The Nightand from there I’ve been all in for their music and most definitely for their live shows, which are bold, energetic, and always a ton of fun, especially with an audience who knows the lyrics just as well as you do. St. Lucia really scratches a certain itch for me, as their songs are an aural mood elevator, larger than life and catchy as hell.

I’m enamored with their latest record, Hyperion, which firmly carries on tradition. Still a lot of fun in a sleeker, more live-performance-oriented sound. One of the record’s standout listens for me is “A Brighter Love,” the first single from the album. On first listen I was struck by the slightly different feel of this track compared to their previous works, but once those pianos came in and that infectious chorus hit and the beat started hitting those higher heights…I was in love. Hell, it’s even more sublime live.

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